Preschool Curriculum


Children’s work is to play! They learn about their world through their hands, their eyes, exploring with their mouths , smelling things, listening and movement from the moment they enter the world. At Pathways Ranch we believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences which are both child centered and teacher directed. Our environment allows children to role-play, express themselves, and develop cognitive skills through play. Our daily activities foster social emotional growth, language, literacy. fine and gross motor skills, creativity and other necessary academic readiness skills for the long journey through school.

We use several developmental inventories to help us keep track of the children’s skills, however, they are not the most important basis for the lessons and activities presented.

Children’s interests and as well as individual needs contribute to the planning and development of lessons. Basic lessons with regard to pre-academics are presented daily as well as activities based on themes. Sometimes having fun is the priority!

Circle Time

Our basic circle consists of a good morning song, attendance with name cards, calendar, weather, Reader’s Theater, music, movement and games. Our circle is set for 20 minutes, however we realize that all children are not able to sit for that length of time, so we allow the younger children to move about as the circle progresses.


As children arrive in the morning, we have child selected centers open for all children to enjoy. This time is empowering to the children as they have control over part of their day.

Teachers add a few centers in to the morning so that some pre-academics are addressed as well as some really fun things kids may not think about. Sensory activities are added in at this time.

Snack and Recess

Lots of fresh fruit is served during snack time. Morning and afternoon snack are served to keep young minds alert and active. We do not serve concentrated fruit juice.


Science activities are offered through out the day. Sometimes science is great fun during center time and other times it is best presented as a teacher directed activity. Our garden and chick unit in the spring are favorites as well as the insect units through out the year. Critical thinking skills are developed with opportunities to hypothesize and predict.


There are many opportunities for children to be empowered and problem solve in a safe setting. Emotional development is a core for success in life. We use activities such as Mr. Happy/Mr. Sad, Helping Hands Puppets and specialty dolls which depict emotion.

Fine Arts/Fine Motor

Several different types of art/fine arts lessons are made available to children daily. There is more than one opportunity to practice skills, express yourself, increase skills, promote cognitive development and get really messy.

Outdoor Play

Our day is balanced with outdoor play time so that large muscles can grow. We firmly believe that gross motor development is related to future reading skills. We have lots of trikes, push cars and scooters to promote planning skills. There is a small town emerging complete with mailboxes to grow imaginations. Grassy areas with swings and climbing toys are scattered through out the play space to help kids stretch and just enjoy the fresh air. A large sandbox is a popular spot along with the garden area. We have an emerging bell garden where kids can make music even when they are outside. Plenty of push toys, shovels and balls round out the play area. In addition, we have observation areas through out the area where kids can just watch the animals in the pasture.

There is always more to talk about. Each day is set up to promote so many skills, but mostly we want to give kids the opportunity to have the time of their lives. Let’s learn and  have fun together!