Infants, Preschoolers and School Agers


  • Monday through Friday
  • 9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
  • Lunch included

          School Age

**After school activities

**Help with homework


              Infant Toddler

** Six weeks and up

**Individualized care

    Holiday and Summer 


    Children with challenges   

     are always welcome!

Preschool has become such an important time for children. It is expected that children entering Kindergarten know their letters, letter sounds, how to write their name, count to ten or better and have the ability to identify shapes. In addition, social skills are required to be developed  so the children are already understanding peer group relationships and basics like sharing and taking turns.

Young children need to explore and play. Most importantly they need to enjoy learning. Having  plenty of room to roam around and run is essential for skills they will need later.

Preschool at Pathways Ranch is designed to be hands on, fun and give the children an opportunity to explore with planned activities/lessons, play based centers and  lots of room to run outside. An environment designed to allow imaginations to grow is essential.

Days begin with centers. Children have an opportunity to choose some centers and the teacher plans some too. Then circle time begins. For about a half hour, kids enjoy music and movement, read, learn about the calendar, take attendance with name cards, and talk about the day. Musical instruments are available at this time. Reader’s Theater is practiced and performed after circle time. Oral recitation builds a strong foundation for reading, promotes self-confidence and generates a great self-image. 

After snack and recess, we are busy with math and  science. Fine arts is presented daily. All this sounds like  so much to do, but lessons are designed to meet the needs of short attention spans and the morning moves quickly. All the curriculum is written with the individual children in mind  and has the influences of Montessori, Waldorf, play-based and Coopertive Learning theories. Thematic activities are built in based mostly on cultural events, holidays and the seasons. See Curriculum page for more details.


Lunch is served and finally it is time for a nap for those children requiring an extended day.

Afternoons are filled with time for free play and outside time.

School age children come in after school and enjoy some time to blow off the pent up energy. Then home work time is made so that once kids get home they can spend some time with family instead of opening the books right away. Transportation is available to local schools. Holiday and summer breaks are filled with activity and  projects. Weekly field trips and library visits are just a small part of what the children experience. Our miniature horses are a big part of the school age program, with a horsemanship project leading to showing at local horse shows available year round.

Infants are given special attention with our lower ratios. There’s always lots of time for cuddling and rocking. Infants play with toys selected especially for them each day. Milestones are noted and toy selection is made with the individual baby in mind. Infants sleep in assigned cribs and  parents enjoy daily report cards sent home packed with information about their day. Special support is offered to breast feeding moms. Infant/toddlers are allowed to participate in preschool activities as soon as they indicate they are interested.