About the Ranch

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Over 30 years experience in the field of Early Childhood Education has led to the creation of Pathways Ranch. Located on just over an acre in beautiful Auburn, California,Pathways Ranch is dedicated to providing an educational experience for all children in a small farm environment. Learning from the animals as well as the teachers who have units in Early Childhood Education is just a small part of what is offered at the ranch. 


Pathways Ranch is operated by the Phillips/Cook family. Cathy Phillips has worked with children for over 30 years in various settings ranging from the public school system to private preschool programs. Serving as an administrator for 20 years in both private and city run preschool programs led to the opening of the Roseville, home based preschool which operated for over 12 years. Inspired by small animals  such as rabbits and guinea pigs,and special needs children, Pathways Ranch was developed. Watching children relate to animals and knowing valuable lessons could be learned was becoming important in the development of preschool curriculum and the opportunity to offer sensory integration activities for both special needs and typically developing children. Offering children a more grounded experience with out the use of electronics, computers and television is also important. Cathy has over 30 units in Education with an emphasis in behavior management strategies and infant development and a B.S. in Business Administration from Cal Poly, Pomona and Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California.


Kim Cook has over 10 years of active experience in childcare settings as well as a B.A. in Child Development from California State University in Sacramento. Kim shows and raises English Angora rabbits with are used with the children. The rabbits offer children many wonderful opportunities  and using the wool in fiber arts activities is not only fun, but a great learning experience.

We are a Christian family, but offer children of all cultures and beliefs a place to learn and play. We are respectful of others and never impose our own beliefs.